Why Wednesday is, in fact, a poopy day.

I was having a chat with K this morning, wherein I wished her a “Happy Wednesday”. This is not outside the norm for me, as I tend to wish people a happy whateverday.

This morning she responded with:

“Wednesday is like the second worst day of the week!”

Which in my mind is totally wrong, cause Monday is clearly the worst (a point on which we agreed) followed by Tuesday.

You see, I subscribe to the theory that Tuesday is Monday’s not quite so ugly little sister who is trying to live up to the sheer suckitude of Monday.

K explained that Tuesday is actually okay, because it isn’t Monday so it isn’t as sucky, simply by virtue of being not Monday. But Wednesday, oh Wednesday you heartless creature, is by far worse than Tuesday because it is still so far from Friday.

And I realized she was right! Wednesday is a big old weekend tease!

sad panda from commons.lbl.gov

How did I not realize this before??

Wednesday sits there and gives you this sultry look and draws you in with the promise of a rapidly approaching Friday and subsequent weekend to relax and unwind. Then, just when you’re starting to get happy, snatches it all away and runs away laughing maniacally about how it’s still two whole days away and you’ve been duped yet again.

Thus, I have resolved that K is correct and Wednesday is in fact, the second worst day of the week for sheer, unadulterated asshattery by being a weekend tease.

No more cookies for you, Wednesday!

For shame!


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