More Guild Wars 2 Squeeing

I promised that there would be more squeeing over the awesome that is Guild Wars 2. And I am nothing if not a woman of my word.

For anyone who has my same issues with video game characters needing to be pretty, I will tell you right now, THEY SO ARE! Except for the Charr. I’m sorry, my precious kitty-people, but you’re just not pretty. It’s okay, I like you anyway.

The rest of the races provide more than adequate opportunity to make a pleasing character. Yay! And the clothes are pretty. Yes, this is important. Possibly not as important as gameplay, but darn close and thus worthy of mention.

Okay. Now to the nitty gritty.


This covers a wide range of features and that’s good, because I am not really sure where to classify the mega awesome of what I want to talk about right here. It could be UI, it could just be that someone read my mind. Either way.

A little background first. I am a crafter. I love crafting. It’s probably something to do with being able to do stuff in game that I just can’t quite grasp in my real life. Not that I can’t cook, I’m a darn good cook. But stuff like making jewelry or clothing (although that is on my list of things to learn) or magic items that are groovy and smack critters, is somewhat beyond me.

Even if I didn’t craft, I’m a compulsive harvester. If I can pick it up, I do. (Which, on a side note, is another evil thing that the game does to toy with me. There are sparkling items to pick up on the ground, like garden hoes, rocks, pieces of driftwood… They don’t serve any purpose. None. But they sparkle and I have to pick them up anyway. I put them right back down again, but damnit I have to pick them up.) As a compulsive harvester, as you can imagine, I run into space issues.

NO MORE! That’s right. The days of my space issues are long gone, baby. GW2 has given me virtually unlimited harvesting storage. Oh and that stuff that you get that’s junk? Most of it can be broken down into its base components and also stored in the infinite panel of storagey goodness. SQUEE.

What the hell are you babbling about, you say.

Sorry. There’s a very cool window, accessed at any crafting station, for collectibles. All of your harvested, broken down, or whatever tradeskill goodies live in this window. All you have to do is click the “deposit all collectibles” option from the drop down in your inventory. And then poof. They all go to magic storage land.

It gets so much better, though.

Not only can you store crafting items there to keep your bag space free, you can also craft with materials directly from the collectible storage.

Yeah, that’s right. You don’t have to take it out and put it back in your bag. The crafting table knows your materials are there and pulls directly. You hear that sound? That’s the sound of a blissful sigh.

You can also mail items and sell/buy from the auction house directly from your bag. It’s like a bag of holding on steroids. Best. Thing. Ever.


As if the inventory thing with crafting wasn’t awesome enough, the crafting system itself rocks.

No more hunting for recipes all over the world and stocking up so you can grind to the end of a tier. There are certain recipes you get automagically as you gain skill points. The rest? You get to experiment with your components to create them. (Yes, there are some you can buy from karma vendors, and I got a nifty apple pie recipe that way, but you don’t have to buy the bulk of your recipes which keeps you from being perpetually broke, like I usually am.)

As an artificer, I can make wands, staves, focuses, etc. It’s kind of nifty. I get all the base components and then I get inscriptions. Those are the doohickies that add the fun stats. Like healing power, power, vitality, whatever. I pop everything into the little experiment boxes and WHOOSH. Brand new recipe, several skill points, and me all giddy cause I found something new (to me, at any rate).

It’s interactive without being annoying. It takes the grind and frustration out of crafting and makes it more fun than it has been in ages.

I could go on, and I will a bit later. Next time, I’ll rave about the account wide access stuff and why it’s amazing!


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