Ctrl + Z

If you have ever used any Microsoft Office dohickey, you know that ctrl + z is the most wonderful keystroke combination ever invented.

If you don’t know what ctrl + z does, it is the magical undo of awesomeness.

Did you just accidentally erase half your document? Just undo it and there it all is, miraculously intact and where it belongs. Borked formating? Undo! Typo? Undo!!

Which of course leads to the obvious question.

Why, oh WHY, does it not work in real life outside of the computer?

I can think of a bunch of instances where it would be helpful.

1) Did you answer the phone to a number you didn’t recognize and get accosted by a telemarketer, relative you really didn’t want to speak to at the time, or even a well meaning someone you like who kept you on the phone for an hour? Wouldn’t you love to get that time back with a simple ctrl + z? Yeah, me too.

2) Similarly, did you just watch a movie/tv show/read a book/whatever that came highly recommended only to discover you really just wasted two hours of your day that could have been spent on something actually… ya know, good?

3) How about those moments where your mental filter doesn’t engage quickly enough to save you from some super embarassing faux pas? Like asking that woman you saw at Starbucks when she was due, only to find out she’s not pregnant. Or perhaps that brief moment of frustrated venting where you called your boss a pedantic megalomaniac while she was standing outside your cube/office?

4) Dessert. ‘Nuff said.

5) Exercise! See #4.

Those are just the ones that come immediately to mind. We all have those “Oh gosh, I wish I could take that back!” moments. Me? I’m holding out for Bill Gates to extend the awesome that is ctrl + z to the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure he can make it happen.


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