For shame NFL. FOR SHAME!!

So. A weekend of craptastic calls by the replacement refs, culminated tonight in what can only be called an embarassing display of inexperience.

Tate never had that ball. Having a hand on it doesn’t count as possession. It just doesn’t.

I wish I could blame the replacement refs, but really, it isn’t their fault. They just don’t have what it takes to be at this level of sportsmanship. They are used to high school and junior college kids. While there may be some very talented kids in those venues, they aren’t NFL players. Period.

So these guys can’t possibly be expected to accurately call a game. Now, it’s all on them that they aren’t more careful about making these calls, but I can even excuse that, because of how fast paced it all is. They can’t really take five or ten minutes per call to make sure they aren’t screwing up. All the same… Tonight was fucking ridiculous.

Shame on the NFL for letting this go so far. All that hard work to build up the franchise and make it a shining beacon of American sports, and they’re throwing it away because they don’t want someone telling them how to run their business.

Well guess what guys. A few more weeks of this crap, and there won’t be a business anymore.

Fans are fickle and if you screw with something they love this much, you will lose this battle.

Having said that…

Tate. Dude. Wtf?? You know full well that you didn’t have that ball. How dare you sit there and say that you had it and you didn’t know the rules? I hope that God smites your genitals with something nasty and rotting and putrid for lying like that. You just epitomized poor sportsmanship and forever branded yourself a liar. For shame, sir.

And for shame NFL. Fix this. You really can’t afford to let this go on.

Replacement refs, I feel bad for you. I truly do. You are in a bad position and I hope that this doesn’t turn you off of football forever.

Packers. You were robbed. You won that game and way to be classy about it. Good for you.

Oh and double shame on you NFL for making me so cranky that I posted about football. I am not a sports fanatic, but you have viscerally offended my sense of justice and fair play. Bad form!


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