Snow White and the Huntsman

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Background: I love fairy tales. I love movies. I love movies based on fairy tales. I’m also partial to Chris Hemsworth anyway I can get him.

I’m also a fan of Charlize Theron who, I’m pretty sure, is breaking several laws by being too darn pretty.

I don’t hate Kristen Stewart. In fact, I’m sorta rooting for the poor kid here and there. One day, with time and maturity, I’m fairly certain she’ll develop into a decent actress. One with more than three expressions. But she’s already got constipated down, so she could totally star with Jackie Chan and his amazing tux.

I was really excited when this was announced, as I particularly enjoy when fairy tales take a turn for the dark and gritty like they used to be before animation and Disney. Not that I don’t adore Disney…

I was less excited about Kristen Stewart being in it, but Twilight is totally one of my emo day guilty pleasure movies, so I was all for it.

My thoughts:

It didn’t suck.

It was a different take on the whole Snow White story and overall I liked it. Plus, Chris Hemsworth.

Where I took issue. While, once again, I don’t hate Kristen Stewart and I firmly believe that her private life and screw-ups as a barely not a teen anymore with about the same likely maturity level if my experiences at her age are anything to go by are none of mine or anyone else’s business, I really don’t think she’s in the same beauty class as Charlize Theron and I call it a huge writing flaw to say she is. (That sentence reads better if you do it all in one breath like I did in my head when I was writing it.)

The rousing join me in the fight to regain our kingdom speech was utter crap. This is not on Kristen. This was just flat out bad writing. Mental note, writing whilst drunk = that god awful speech.

Things I liked. I liked the nod to the whole ruler being tied to the health of the land mythology. It made me happy. Also, Chris Hemsworth.

Overall, I enjoyed watching it. I believe A did too, in spite of my babbling. I was entertained and didn’t want the time back, so I call it a win.

Also, Charlize Theron eating birdy hearts was creepifying in the extreme. She’s a really good crazy, bad guy sort of actress.


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