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The curse strikes again…

Made in Jersey was canceled after like… two episodes.


Of course.

Fortunately, Revolution is still going strong. Huzzah.

They threw in a couple of “Oh Crap” moments. Without throwing in spoilers, someone died. I really expected to see a lot more of this particular character, so it sort of threw me. Just, WOW.

As is Arrow. It’s really coming along nicely. Oliver is gaining depth and this past week had a development that made me happy.

I’m currently re-watching the first season of The Vampire Diaries. And by currently, I mean right this very second. My favourite line from this episode: I’m a kiddie pool!

My other yay-omg-excited show is the second season of American Horror Story. Which deserves its very own post. So stay tuned for that!

What are your current favourite tv shows?

Oh and also, since there isn’t a lot to this post other than my rambling, I leave you with this!


The #1 thing you should know about today…

It’s Friday! But that isn’t the think you should know.

It’s one week out from Payday! Also not the thing you should know.

Silent Hill opened today! Nope. Still not it.

If you are thinking at this moment that I have too much time on my hands, you’re probably right. I should be working, but it’s 4:30pm on a Friday and my brain is fried.

So with that in mind, I am sharing my random brain buzzings with all of you lovely people. You’re so welcome.

The thing you were supposed to remember about today: 5 more days til NaNo! Which means that for all of next month, I will be wrapped in a vaguely coconut scented cloud of shame and self recrimination because there’s no way in hell I’ll make the daily word count goal every day.

If you see me on twitter (and let’s be honest, there’s no way in hell you won’t see me on twitter), just smack me and tell me to get my ass back to work.

And for your generosity, I leave you with this:

I should have my own censors.

I swear. Like a lot. I try to be better about it, especially since I have a child and people around me usually have children with them.

I mean, it’s okay if I teach my kid to say naughty words (which I don’t! The ex does that, thankyousomuch.) but it really isn’t cool to teach other peoples’ kids to call bad drivers colorful names that impugn their parents’ lack of blood ties.

So really, most of my conversations can’t be repeated here verbatim.

But here are a couple from today that were sort of entertaining. Meaning that I look dumb, which is always funny.

Between me and A, the bff from high school:

me: In other news, I applied for a job as a probation officer.

A: … Oh. My.

me: You’re scared now, aren’t you?

A: A little, yeah.

me: Come on, it’d be AWESOME. I’d get paid to be snarky! Like: Stop dressing like a hooker, seriously. No one will believe you aren’t. Also, get a haircut and drink some water!

A: Yeah, I probably should do those things.

me: Not you! In fact, I’d try to turn them all into versions of you!

A: Bibbity Bobbity *poof* Mini A’s

me: Exactly! I’d have an army of yous with which to take over the world! mwahahahahaha. Also, sign first then make copies. Don’t print 50 and then sign.

A: HA! That’s funny.

Discussing wedding things with K:

K: Ohohoh!

me: What?!?!

K: I fired the string trio!

me: Oh they wouldn’t learn the song? Bastards (only for bastards read a somewhat harsher word that I promise I’ll never say in front of your child). So, iPod then?

K: They just never would email me back. And yes!

me: Awesome! Now you can spend that money on something better. Like getting your own bridesmaids dress for going out in.

K: Exactly! Cause I saved like $500…

me: By switching my car insurance to GEICO!

K: hahahahahaha

me: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

K: No, I walked right into it. Well played!

me: Thank you, thank you.

On a side note, I’m really not kidding. If you have to print out a butt-ton of please send us money/food donations for our Thanksgiving/Christmas baskets letters, print one. Sign it. Make copies. Signing a ton of copies makes your hand cramp and your signature starts to morph into this weird serial killer looking thing.

Also, pro-tip: Get self sealing envelopes. Paper cuts on your tongue SUCK.

Too much to do…

And as always, not enough time!

All the work stuff that needs to be done (donation letters, admin work, etc) is just piling up like mad. To the point where I look at it and go: Ugh, can’t I just go home and write instead?

I know that isn’t a good attitude to have about it all, it just gets overwhelming sometimes.

Then there was this past weekend. Oh lordy. We took a road trip to Chico to visit A’s daughter. Nine hours to drive up and nine right back down. It’s a good thing that I like driving. Although it wasn’t helpful that I had itty bitty bladder syndrome for the last part of it.

Did you know that freaking NO ONE has available potties at 2am? Yeah. Well, they don’t. And I don’t do that roadside tinkle thing.

The trip was really nice overall. The northern bit of the state is quite pleasant and rainy and cool. Unlike the barren wasteland of hot, scorching, death causing sunshine where we live. We so need to move. I keep trying to get A to move to Washington, but like my Phoenix powers, he is resisting.

We rented a cute little Ford Focus for the trip. That sucker has great gas mileage. And it’s also really nice to fill up at the gas pump and see $40 instead of $70.

Oh, yeah. You’re wondering why we rented a car.

Mine broke. It got the flu or something. And by flu, I mean the alternator up and died on me. While on the freeway. Where there was no shoulder.

A cop had to come along and push me off the freeway to a part that had a shoulder so I would be safe and out of the way. It was awfully nice of him. He also called the free tow service to come take my broken little car off the freeway entirely so I’d be out of the way of rush hour traffic.

It gets better! It was a freaking farce from that point on. I called my insurance company to arrange a tow home. Except that they only cover 15 miles. And I didn’t have money in my account until 4 hours later. Oh and I live a good 25ish miles from where I broke down.

So someone drove down to where I was to let me use the AAA membership we had purchased for the work van (which is also sketchy and barely made it alive). Yeah. That membership only covered 7 miles. SEVEN FREAKING MILES. Seriously? Are you kidding me? What the hell is the point of paying for that nonsense if it only covers seven miles?

Fortunately, the tow truck driver was a nice guy and took me to a mechanic within that seven miles (who then took me home) so that I’d be able to use the $120+ dollars it would have cost for the tow, to fix the car.

Which is a good thing, cause DAYUM, it cost a lot to fix the car. Almost as much as getting new tires. My car’s shoes cost more than mine do…

I can laugh about it, cause otherwise it’s depressing. But I’m ready for a break now, please and thank you. I won’t have time for all this nonsense in November!

So, how was YOUR weekend?

The Renegade Hunter – Lynsay Sands

View the details here.

A little background information about me. I’m a little compulsive. Some might say anal, but I’m mentally twelve and that makes me snort and giggle. So does saying duty. Anyway.

How the hell is this even remotely relevant? Good question!

It’s relevant because my compulsive behaviour means having to get it all. Example, pokemon. I won’t play it. Because there are too many damn things to collect. It’s like someone reached into my goddamned psyche and decided to make a game that would totally screw with my head.

But I digress. This extends to series of books. I can’t just pick up a book in a series and read it. I have to get the first book and read it first. I must read them in order and I must read them all. Otherwise I get cranky. It helps somewhat when they are books that can stand alone and don’t build too much on the other stories. But then again… I really still try to read them in order. Cause I’m like that.

Oh, you’re still waiting for the relevance, aren’t you?

This book? THE TWELFTH IN THE GORRAM SERIES!! My friend handed me a book to read OUT OF FREAKING ORDER. And I didn’t know until I was into the book. Better yet? There’s eleven books in front of it and she doesn’t have a single damn one of them.

Note to self: Don’t borrow any more books from this evil, evil person. *grumble*

That having been said. On to the book.

The good:

Paranormal romance, people. What’s not to love? The writing was snappy and fun to read. I didn’t get bogged down in details and didn’t get buried under world descriptions or mythos explanations. I heartily approve of this. Also, I like that the heroine isn’t a wishy-washy, namby-pamby, sit around and wring her hands and wail whilst waiting for the big strong man to come save her type. Cause good gods I really hate that crap.

The better than good:

Totally new take on vampires. Which, quite frankly, kicks some serious hinie. Especially cause those bad boys don’t sparkle (Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey reviews coming soon, I promise).

Seriously though, vampires are really descendants of the Atlanteans who are only vampires because they need blood to feed their super advanced nanos that keep them perfect forever. Yeah. That’s right. LOVE. THIS.

The bad:

Sadly there is one big glaring bad for me in this book. I didn’t throw it down in frustration before finishing, because it WAS. THE. END. Oh dear god. No, you did not. Oh, wait. Yes, you did.

The author, bless her heart, gave the couple the happily ever after and told us that they’d gotten to the bottom of the mystery. They’d found out who really dunnit and cleared the hero of all wrong-doing. WOOHOO! Fantastic! Great! The End. WTF?!?!

Hold up here. Why am I not told? Why are you not sharing with me, if not the details of the solution, at the very least the damned solution?


I get it. It’s probably a set up for the next book, where the big reveal will happen and they’ll hunt down the bad guy blah, blah, yadda.

Except, you know what? I’m so annoyed that the book ended prematurely and left me hanging in the worst way, without the REAL resolution, that I may not pursue the next book.

Then again I may. I’m not sure yet. While I enjoyed this one, that ending left me so annoyed that I may very well, never pick up another. We’ll see after I calm down about it all.

Note to authors: Do not. DO NOT. NOT NOT NOT. Not ever, disappoint your readers. If you promise them a big reveal? Give them the reveal. No one likes coitus interruptus. It takes me out of a story faster than a typo and leaves me pissed off and not liking you very much.

It really should be the first commandment of writing. THOU SHALT NOT DISAPPOINT THE READERS.

So. TL;DR – Overall, I appreciated the book and enjoyed the story. The end left me pissed off and not sure if I’m going to pick up any of the others.

If you do choose to read this, be aware going in that she leaves you hanging at the end.

Darkest Night – Gena Showalter

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So. I should be working on stats or really anything else. But I’m feeling particularly bleh right now whilst I wrestle with a lovely moral dilemma thrown my way by the powers that be at work.

Thus, whilst I contemplate getting a new job and hopefully fast, because let’s face it, I am not the sort of person who can work someplace where I feel like my integrity is being compromised, you get to hear all about the first ever Gena Showalter book I’ve read.

I believe that someone lent me one many years ago, but I also don’t recall actually finishing it because stuff got in the way. So that one doesn’t count.

Also, I really need to do my nails. One is all snaggy.

Anyway. On to the book!

The blurb:

All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she’ll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member–a man trapped in a hell of his own.

Neither can resist the instant hunger that calms their torments…and ignites an irresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction–and a soul-shattering test of love….

Isn’t that sweet? Now, I admit. It didn’t grab me. But I read it anyway, because I’m a sucker for paranormal anything and I love me some trashy paranormal romance. Besides, even if it’s awful, there’s still value to derive from it.

The good:

There was actually a lot of good here. The writing was excellent (as was the editing, thank you so very much Harlequin, cause nothing ruins a book for me more than typos, misplaced names, and other random crap that should have been fixed before print). Fast paced, not cheesy, and while the story was predicatable, it’s SUPPOSED TO BE. I expect a certain kind of story when I go into a novel like this. Certain characters act certain ways. Girl meets boy. Boy and girl clash. Girl and boy are irresistably drawn to each other. Conflict. Boy and girl end up together, either happily ever after or taking on the world. The end. Yay!!

This is what I expected and what I got. So woot.

The really good:

Showalter followed the formula to perfection. What made it better than good was that she threw in a cool twist to the scenario. It isn’t just a highland lord and some prim sheltered miss (which is also not a bad thing, because really, who doesn’t love her some dashing Scottish anything?). We have a properly tormented hero, only his torment is definitely not the usual. So major points for a unique take on that! I really liked that these guys are paying the price for opening Pandora’s box. And not only paying, but in the worst possible way.

I’m also a sucker for working Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythology into a story. Along with the values of the people. It lends a certain depth and more importantly, resonance for me.

The meh:

There isn’t really bad to go over, so we’ll just go with meh. I didn’t hate the bad guys nearly enough. I wasn’t as appalled by their behaviour as I would have liked to have been. While I fully believe that a villain shouldn’t just be OMG IRREDEEMABLY BAD EVIL BAD, I do want someone that I can love to hate.

The big bad are the “demon” hunters. Okay. They’re ruthless, which is definitely a quality that lends itself to not liking them, but it can also be a good quality in a hero. So, eh. They have a solid reason for what they do, firmly believe what they are doing is the right thing, which is good! It makes them believable. But after that, they don’t do anything that is so appalling that it makes me go, oh wow, these guys have GOT to die. Maybe that comes later in the series? I dunno. But it left me lukewarm about them, and I like to be heated about my bad guys.

The bigger bad, alluded to in the first book, are the Titans. THEY were joyfully awful. Telling the poor guy that he has to kill these four random, totally innocent women, or else? For no other reason, than because they have the power to make serious misery happen if they aren’t obeyed? Yeah. THAT lets me work up a proper dislike, making the inevitable triumph of the hero even sweeter.

So overall, two thumbs up. I was entertained and it was well done. My meh is minor and won’t stop me from reading the book or the rest of the series, and thus, can be ignored 🙂 Especially as I’m sure the Hunters end up working with the good guys and that’s why I’m not given a reason to loathe them right off the bat. Cause it’s so much harder to believe the eventual alliance if the other half is too yucky.


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(Interestingly, wordpress is doing that thing again where it won’t let me tag. I finally made it work, but I think that perhaps it hates me. Or the computer I’m on. Or it’s trying to tell me that I should be making copies instead of talking about TV.)

Okay. So. I was not a comic book girl growing up. I was booky, just not comic booky. I recognize that this reduces my geek cred, considerably. But that’s okay.

One of my biggest issues with getting into comics is that I’m a little compulsive. Just a little. And if I’m reading something that is part of a series, I want to start at the beginning. Those of you in the know can probably guess where this is going. For everyone else, let’s just say, in almost all the comics I’d want to read, I’m about 50+ years behind. It’s a bit daunting.

Anywho. Cartoons are awesome for letting me know what I’ve missed. Movies about my favourite comic book characters are even better.

And now there’s a TV show about a guy I had no idea even existed until (I think) Young Justice came out.

As previously mentioned, I’m pretty easy going about my entertainments. It’s really all about whether or not I feel I’ve spent my time (or money) wisely. I don’t wax sentimental about the underlying social commentary, or motivation of the writers, or what the symbolism of the colour of the walls in the MC’s foyer means. Honestly, I could give a crap.

What makes it for me comes down to three things: Good writing, good acting, and good directing. Cause let’s face it, no matter how good the acting, if the director blows donkey balls (Uwe Boll, anyone?) the whole mess falls apart. Ditto the other elements.

I was really looking forward to Arrow. It struck this total Robin Hood/Batman vibe for me.

I was not disappointed. I have no idea who the actor is that they got to play Oliver Queen*, but he rocks the part. I find his abs intimidating, I’m pretty sure I’d cross the street if I saw them coming toward me on a dark street. Jeez.

I don’t want to give spoilers, but I have two lines I really need to point out. They made me love the writers of the show. Like a lot.

First, Oliver is back home after having been doing his Tom Hanks thing on an island. He’s having dinner with his family and a friend and is getting caught up on what he missed.

“Oh and Lost. They were all dead. I think.”

I laughed so hard at this, that I had to rewind to catch what I missed while I was laughing my hinie off. Why was this so funny? Cause A is a huge Lost fan and hasn’t watched the last season yet. He refuses for some reason. So he’s avoided all mention of how it ended. Seriously, I almost wet myself. But I figure the statute of limitations is up on spoilers for Lost by now, so ya know.

The second bit had Oliver and his buddy at a welcome home, glad you aren’t really dead party.

“What’s Twilight?”

“So better not knowing.”

I admit that I like Twilight. It’s like eating a bag of Cheetos and watching girly, teen angst movies all day. But there’s so much fun to be had at Twilight’s expense, that I can’t not laugh hysterically when people come up with really great pokes. This was a great poke.

TL;DR version. I love this show and hope that it runs for a while. If it gets the axe like The Cape, I’ll cry. Let’s hope the curse doesn’t strike!

*I just looked him up on IMDB to link to him. I vaguely recall him from The Vampire Diaries, but clearly need to keep rewatching on Netflix!