Made in Jersey

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So at first I wasn’t particularly interested in this series. I’m picky about the shows that I watch.

But apparently I am also suggestable, because after hearing radio ads for it all week long, I finally decided to watch the first episode.

I have to say, it was cute. I really liked it. Which of course means that it will be canceled soon.

The story is all about a new lawyer from Jersey trying to make her place in a New York law firm. As you’d expect, there’s big hair and thick accents.

While, yes, the story is predictable, it’s a feel good show and I love seeing the underdog make good. Also, Janet Montgomery is just adorable as Martina Garretti and brings a fresh, fun, spin on the lawyer/investigator show.

It’s well worth watching for the warm fuzzies at the end of the show. Also, Mr. Twin Peaks is in the show and is all nice and stuff. It’s kinda awesome.


One thought on “Made in Jersey

  1. I liked it too. At first I thought her accent might be too annoying like listening to Fran Drescher try to be a lawyer for an hour.

    But they eased it off a bit and the show turned out to be a decent. Plus she is cute.

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