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Sherlock Holmes is probably one of the coolest characters ever created in literature. As evidenced by the fact that soooooooooo  many things have been based off of the Holmes stories.

I’ve been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes since I was old enough to stay up late watching Masterpiece Theatre and all that other cool junk. So like around 8 or so. If you’re wondering, Basil Rathbone was my preferred Holmes on the TV shows.

I even loved me some Young Sherlock Holmes. Yeah.

Now to the point. There’s a new Sherlock Holmes show. Let me just say: THE GAME IS AFOOT BITCHES!!

I’d have watched it just for that. Add to it that Lucy Liu is in the show as Watson and the kid from Hackers (I know right? That totally freaked me out when A told me) is Holmes and I was practically salivating.

I squeed for weeks, every time there was an ad for it, to the point where A was just flat out annoyed.

“Yes, I know, now shut up!” Poor A. I’m an arm shaker too. This gets really annoying during previews at the movies. Just sayin’.

The show totally delivers. All my expectations were surpassed. The writing is awesome. Dialogue is snappy. Acting is terrific. The interaction between Holmes and Watson is exactly the way it should be. Holmes is delightfully quirky and brilliant. They acknowledge the drug use and womanizing from the stories that some glossed over (they play it up in the RDJ movies too, which makes me happy as well).

Basically, I squeed in bliss for an hour.

I can so totally not wait to watch the next episode of this show.

So I will do you all a favour by saying: God, I hate this show. It sucks. Someone, please for the love of all that is holy, take it off the air!!

Hopefully that will throw the show gods off the track. Cause if this one gets canceled because I love it, I will seriously burn some jellybeans down and take back my gorram stapler. In other words, DON’T BE FOX! Cause I’m still bitter about Firefly, people.


3 thoughts on “Elementary

  1. Reblogged this on The Inevitable Madness of Pie and commented:
    I have to agree with her. Holmes is portrayed as a broken, quirky man. A character of depth, that you want to watch explore his inner demons as he investigates the demons in others. Downey Jr. did a great job ressurecting Holmes on the big screen. This new, modern adaptation does so very well for the small.

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