The Vampire Diaries

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This is by no means a new show. So why am I reviewing it? Cause it’s AWESOME.

And because, being in it’s thirdish season now, my curse can’t possibly kill it. Thank goodness!

I haven’t read the books, they are on my “to read” list. If LJ Smith did half as good a job as the show’s writers, I know I’ll love them.

So what’s so great about The Vampire Diaries? Isn’t it just a lot of teen angst and the whole girl-falls-for-sexy-vampire schtick that Twilight brought us?

Actually, no.

There’s a lot to be learned about writing from TVD.

Becca calls the writing blistering. And she’s right. The pace they set is so fast, you shouldn’t blink. This is what makes it for me. There’s no time to get bored and wish they’d just have the characters talk to each other already, cause it’s beyond stupid that they haven’t cleared up X issue yet. Because real people would have already talked about issue X. That doesn’t happen in this show. It’s downright blissful.

One of my biggest pet peeves in any show, movie, or book is when the characters are embroiled in the midst of some ridiculous situation that could be so easily resolved if they’d only take 30 damn seconds to communicate. I love TVD because the characters do communicate. Elena doesn’t just sit back and twiddle her thumbs and wait for the big strong man to come and explain to her what he thinks she should know. Heck, no! She goes out and researches and confronts people, demanding answers to the events that are affecting her life.

YOU GO GIRL! Take some control!

There’s tension in the show that isn’t contrived through lame, cop-out means.

Beyond that, the acting is great and not cheesy. The story is (as aforementioned) compelling. And Ian Somerhalder is dreamy.

It’s a win all the way around. If you haven’t seen it yet, put aside the it’s-a-teenage-soap-opera stigma and watch it. It’s on Netflix. Go, I think you’ll really enjoy it.


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