I’m a menace to myself…

I can admit this.

I fall, a lot. I trip over nothing. I do that thing that Jamie Lee Curtis did in True Lies with the high heels, in sneakers or my bare feet.

Essentially, I’m just dangerous to myself.

So yesterday, I was running an errand for work. Picking up food for a meeting. Believe it or not, that part all went just fine.

I carried the box into the office with my car keys in my hand. I set down the box and started unloading the food and cleaning up the kitchen counter.

After everything was all pretty and ready to go, so was I.

Just one little tiny problem.

No car keys.

What the hell?

I had them. I knew I had them, cause the car beeped. So I started looking around where I’d been working. Nope. No keys.

I wasn’t really worried, cause I know me. I know they’re somewhere near by and that I’ve probably looked at them four times and just not seen them.

Ten minutes later, I was totally freaking out, cause I couldn’t find the darn things to save my life. I had four people looking for these stupid keys.

* sigh *

I finally found them. In the trash can.


Don’t ask me how they got there, it’s really still a mystery in my mind. I just thank goodness that there was nothing gross in the trash. Just a couple of cardboard boxes. Whew.

All the same. I really need a keeper.


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