The Renegade Hunter – Lynsay Sands

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A little background information about me. I’m a little compulsive. Some might say anal, but I’m mentally twelve and that makes me snort and giggle. So does saying duty. Anyway.

How the hell is this even remotely relevant? Good question!

It’s relevant because my compulsive behaviour means having to get it all. Example, pokemon. I won’t play it. Because there are too many damn things to collect. It’s like someone reached into my goddamned psyche and decided to make a game that would totally screw with my head.

But I digress. This extends to series of books. I can’t just pick up a book in a series and read it. I have to get the first book and read it first. I must read them in order and I must read them all. Otherwise I get cranky. It helps somewhat when they are books that can stand alone and don’t build too much on the other stories. But then again… I really still try to read them in order. Cause I’m like that.

Oh, you’re still waiting for the relevance, aren’t you?

This book? THE TWELFTH IN THE GORRAM SERIES!! My friend handed me a book to read OUT OF FREAKING ORDER. And I didn’t know until I was into the book. Better yet? There’s eleven books in front of it and she doesn’t have a single damn one of them.

Note to self: Don’t borrow any more books from this evil, evil person. *grumble*

That having been said. On to the book.

The good:

Paranormal romance, people. What’s not to love? The writing was snappy and fun to read. I didn’t get bogged down in details and didn’t get buried under world descriptions or mythos explanations. I heartily approve of this. Also, I like that the heroine isn’t a wishy-washy, namby-pamby, sit around and wring her hands and wail whilst waiting for the big strong man to come save her type. Cause good gods I really hate that crap.

The better than good:

Totally new take on vampires. Which, quite frankly, kicks some serious hinie. Especially cause those bad boys don’t sparkle (Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey reviews coming soon, I promise).

Seriously though, vampires are really descendants of the Atlanteans who are only vampires because they need blood to feed their super advanced nanos that keep them perfect forever. Yeah. That’s right. LOVE. THIS.

The bad:

Sadly there is one big glaring bad for me in this book. I didn’t throw it down in frustration before finishing, because it WAS. THE. END. Oh dear god. No, you did not. Oh, wait. Yes, you did.

The author, bless her heart, gave the couple the happily ever after and told us that they’d gotten to the bottom of the mystery. They’d found out who really dunnit and cleared the hero of all wrong-doing. WOOHOO! Fantastic! Great! The End. WTF?!?!

Hold up here. Why am I not told? Why are you not sharing with me, if not the details of the solution, at the very least the damned solution?


I get it. It’s probably a set up for the next book, where the big reveal will happen and they’ll hunt down the bad guy blah, blah, yadda.

Except, you know what? I’m so annoyed that the book ended prematurely and left me hanging in the worst way, without the REAL resolution, that I may not pursue the next book.

Then again I may. I’m not sure yet. While I enjoyed this one, that ending left me so annoyed that I may very well, never pick up another. We’ll see after I calm down about it all.

Note to authors: Do not. DO NOT. NOT NOT NOT. Not ever, disappoint your readers. If you promise them a big reveal? Give them the reveal. No one likes coitus interruptus. It takes me out of a story faster than a typo and leaves me pissed off and not liking you very much.

It really should be the first commandment of writing. THOU SHALT NOT DISAPPOINT THE READERS.

So. TL;DR – Overall, I appreciated the book and enjoyed the story. The end left me pissed off and not sure if I’m going to pick up any of the others.

If you do choose to read this, be aware going in that she leaves you hanging at the end.


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