The curse strikes again…

Made in Jersey was canceled after like… two episodes.


Of course.

Fortunately, Revolution is still going strong. Huzzah.

They threw in a couple of “Oh Crap” moments. Without throwing in spoilers, someone died. I really expected to see a lot more of this particular character, so it sort of threw me. Just, WOW.

As is Arrow. It’s really coming along nicely. Oliver is gaining depth and this past week had a development that made me happy.

I’m currently re-watching the first season of The Vampire Diaries. And by currently, I mean right this very second. My favourite line from this episode: I’m a kiddie pool!

My other yay-omg-excited show is the second season of American Horror Story. Which deserves its very own post. So stay tuned for that!

What are your current favourite tv shows?

Oh and also, since there isn’t a lot to this post other than my rambling, I leave you with this!


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