Allie B’s First Kiss Contest

I don’t often toot my own horn. Actually, I never toot my own horn. But darn it. I’m excited! So TOOT!! TOOT TOOT TOOT! The other entries were astounding, which makes this even more stunning to me. Hell, even being in the top three is simply incredible, having read a couple of the other submissions. Being in such talented company is humbling and elating all at once.
Talk about a motivation boost!
Thank you Allie, Jolene, Nyrae, and Leigh. And thank you to the others who submitted for being so freaking GOOD, you are an inspiration and I hope to always write in your league.


4 thoughts on “Allie B’s First Kiss Contest

  1. Thank you for writing the most hilarious line I’ve read in a LONG time…

    “That was awful. I can do better.”

    You’ll see in our feedback sheets, we all LOVED that line. I want to see more of Jamie and Meg.

    Happy writing! Mwah!

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