Holy falling behinds, Batman!

Contrary to the implication, this is NOT about sagging hinies.

It’s about work crazy and recovering from the week weekends and how far behind I am!

So, as fair warning, there will be no less than four (FOUR!!) book reviews coming up this week. Hopefully more if I can get my butt in gear.

I promise to try and do some movie reviews to break up all the reading goodness, but let’s be honest here. I am all about the books.

A quick shout out: ONE by LeighAnn Kopans releases today! It’s really a great book. I highly recommend it and I swear to post my review soon! You can grab your copy here. Or you can wait and see what I have to say about it, and then grab your copy 😉

Back to my spreadsheets and with any luck, later today, there will be the first of the many book reviews that I should have posted WEEKS ago!


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