Chasing Mrs. Right – Katee Robert

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As always, the disclaimer: The lovely and awesome Heather Riccio sent this my way for a review.

Fortunately, I don’t think that Heather is capable of sending me a book that isn’t like totally amazing.  chasing

I loved this book on many different levels. Not the least of which was how steamy with a capital S it was! Whew!

The Good:

First, the characters aren’t perfect. I know that they aren’t in most books, but there are times when the character flaws are annoyingly minor. Which is not to say that I don’t also enjoy these stories, because I do. However, I always love to see characters who are struggling under the weight of some very serious issues.

Ian has borderline (or maybe not so terribly borderline) PTSD, which has resulted in anxiety and makes it hard for him to function in social situations.

Why this is awesome: Mental illness is something near and dear to my heart and Ms. Robert handles it delicately and beautifully. Ian isn’t broken, he’s just struggling to handle something that puts a bit of a cramp in his style. It doesn’t define him and he won’t let it. Sure, his mom doesn’t get it at all. But the rest of his friends and family do. And they don’t push. They’re there for him and offer quiet, firm support. This pleases me.

I like Roxanne, too. She has some serious (and understandable) relationship issues. But she also recognizes that it’s a problem and actively tries to fight against it. Sure, she screws up (a few times), but she keeps trying because she realizes that Ian is worth it.

I took special joy in Roxanne and Ian putting his mom in her place. I might have cheered a little.

The Bad:

I’d have liked for Roxanne’s struggle to be a little less internal and to have seen her reach out a little more for help. Only because I don’t think that it’s something a person can work through all alone. Then again, she reaches out to Ian, so… Ya know. Since that’s my only “I wish…” I call it a win.


Totally a must read. I felt all warm and fuzzy at the end. I also read the excerpt from Wrong Bed, Right Guy and really want to read that now, too. And Nathan’s story. I feel like such a hussy having all these book crushes lately!


Sandy Hook Shooting

I haven’t said anything about this yet, for many reasons.

Primarily because I just don’t have the words to express my sorrow for these children who will never have the experiences they should have. My sorrow for their families and the families of the teachers who made the ultimate sacrifice one can make for another. Because I don’t want to make their tragedy about anything but their loss.

It still shouldn’t be, but people are right that we need to have a serious conversation.

I read the gut wrenching blog post by The Anarchist Soccer Mom.

Today, I read this post by a psychiatrist.

This is something that hits very close to home for me. I have family with mental illness, some diagnosed and some not. I think to myself “There but for the grace of God.”

Mental illness is very real. It isn’t people looking for attention. Sometimes those behaviors that we dismiss solely as someone being socially awkward or a freak are beyond their control and are cries for help.

Most importantly, mental illness is something that we need to talk about. WE NEED TO. They need to. If you know someone who is or even may be mentally ill, be willing to talk. To listen. To offer help and to push them to get it if they need it.

It isn’t easy and it’s one of those things that “we just don’t talk about”, but it’s long past time.

Mental illness hides. Don’t let it. You could save a life.