Links I like for whatever reason…

These are in no particular order.  They appear here as they popped into my head and thus into the line of tabs at the top of my browser so that I could link them here.  Please don’t read anything into it.  The curtains are green because I like green.  Honest.

Wil Wheaton – I love me some TNG and there’s almost nothing funnier than evil Wil Wheaton playing the dead memaw card. Bastard 🙂

The Bloggess – It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks weird crap all the time and is a tad to the right of normal.  Besides, how can you not love a woman who got her husband a sloth for their anniversary?

Pretentious Title – Even if this wasn’t an entertaining and sometimes motivating read, the 10,000 word a day entry would be well worth the price of admission.

Aliventures – Ali Luke is just plain awesome.  Talk about motivating!  She also runs the writer’s group that I subscribe to, which has been a huge help in keeping me working toward my writing goals.  Thank you!!

The Pioneer Woman – Always a good read when I can drag myself out of her recipe page.  That and she has a show on Food Network now.  Yay!

The Inevitable Madness of Pie – Mental illness is a very real thing. But it doesn’t define you. A very personal issue as the Pie Master and I deal with his illness.

Gloria Oliver – A good friend.  I also love her writing.  Double win for me!

Kristen Lamb – Amazing advice about building a writing platform and the importance of being your own marketing team/connecting with your readers.

Chuck Wendig – Author and not always safe for work giver of advice.  While a lot of his writing tips and observations may seem like common sense, seeing them in writing helps them to stick!  He’s also hylarical.

Neil Gaiman – Does he really need any kind of introduction?  He’s Neil freaking Gaiman for crying out loud.

Geek Tyrant – So much goodness here.

Geeks are Sexy – Lots of good geeky humour, news, random information.

The Awesomer – It’s awesome.

EQ2Wire – Whilst I no longer play this game, the man who owns/runs the site is lovely and a dear friend. That and he’s funny. And the site is groovy.

LOLcats – Don’t judge.  Everyone needs some cute in their day.  This is mine.

NaNoWriMo – It’s a mad scramble every November, but it’s all kinds of awesome while you’re doing it!

Emma Newman – She’s doing a great bit with free short stories leading up to a book. Definitely worth checking out.

Finding Bliss – Super info here. Always!

Holly Lisle – Wrote some of my favorite books.  Amazing resources for writers of all levels.

MMOQuests – My very dear friend runs this site and writes about all sorts of great games.

Write About Dragons – All about writing. Lots of good stuff here from Brandon Sanderson, who is pretty awesome at the whole writing thing.

Sarah Nicolas – Awesome insights, query and pitch help, pretty darn cool!

Finding Joy in the Journey – Good writing info and contributor at

Romance Writers of America – Self explanatory! Everyone needs to get their Romance on now and then.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America – Elves and ray guns. What’s not to love?

YAtopia – All YA lit, all the time.

The fabulous S.M. Johnston who provided code for her pretty logo picture thingie, so how could I not put it here?

Fantasy Book Addict, also with the awesome html for the pretty link!

Fantasy Book Addict

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