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For Anna

So there’s this lovely woman on twitter. Her name is Anna Meade. She dresses like Hermione Granger for Halloween and she’s a Dark Fairy Queen. She’s also getting married, sings, and is totally adorable.

Being a writerly type, it only makes sense that she has a writerly type bridal shower online with other freaky people.

Because I heart her tons, here’s my entry!

Moss flitted between the three tables of fairies making wedding favors. Everything had to be perfect, not just because she was coordinating the wedding of the year, but because the Dark Fairy Queen was the one getting married! If ever there was a time for perfection, this was it.

“Excuse me. Are you or are you not supposed to be making sugar swans?” Moss tapped her dainty foot and glared about her. “These look more like ducks! DO IT AGAIN!”

Checking her list, she drifted past the other tables. Snowdrop and bluebell centerpieces were coming along nicely, as were little balls of nectar shaped into small suns.

“Um, Moss? I’m not quite sure… That is – I think there’s a problem.” Cowslip cringed and held out a note.

Snatching the leaf from her assistant, she read the note. With each word her face fell further and a dark cloud started to gather above her head. Moss’s delicate green-brown wings beat furiously.

“What do they MEAN no unicorns?!? There have to be unicorns! The whole opening ceremony depends on them!”

All the work stopped as her wail of despair carried through the meadow.

“It’s all ruined. We may as well call it all off right now!” Moss threw herself onto a tree stump and burst into tears.

Cowslip looked at her fellows for help, but none would meet her eyes. They bent industriously to their tasks, leaving the pale blue fairy to smooth everything over. Sighing and vowing to remember their cowardice, Cowslip settled gingerly next to Moss on the stump.

“You’re the best there is, Moss. This wedding will be splendid, with or without unicorns. All because of you.”

A small sniffle greeted her words.

Encouraged, Cowslip reached out and smoothed Moss’s tousled curls. “In fact, I just know that you’ll come up with something far better than some smelly unicorns. They’re probably not even house broken. Imagine if the Queen ruined a slipper in a pile of unicorn mess!”

A choking laugh escaped the pile of miserable fairy next to her.

Moss sat up and threw her arms around her friend. “I’ve been a little crazed, haven’t I?”

“Oh… not so very much.”

“Liar.” A radiant grin transformed Moss’s face. “You’re the best friend a fairy could have. I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

“Get buried by a distressed unicorn, no doubt.”

“Quite right! So we need something just as whimsical with much smaller droppings. What can we get in a hurry?”

“Size of droppings should always be a consideration in our planning from now on.” Cowslip’s face was perfectly straight. Not even the hint of a smile, although her eyes twinkled like stars.

Moss nodded. “Oh absolutely. I can’t believe that we didn’t think of it earlier.” She’d missed the joke entirely.

“I KNOW! We’ll use wombats! They’re soft and fuzzy and we’ll be able to corral them to minimize the chance of stepping in anything!”

“Yes, I’m sure that will be so much better.”

The crisis had been averted. For now. There were still four more days until the wedding and so much more could happen. Cowslip made a mental note to stock up her mother’s headache remedy. It was going to be a long week!


Pitch Perfect

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Singing. Acapella. Romance. Fitting in. Music nerds. Fat Amy. What’s NOT to love?

When I first saw the previews for this, I was excited. It had all sorts of things that I love with the whole of my nerdly little heart. But then I started second guessing myself. What if they do the old bait and switch on me like Glee did? Then I’ll be all broken-hearted again. So I tucked it away to think about later. pitchperfect

I love Anna Kendrick. She’s just adorable all over the place. She’s also five feet nothing and cute as a button. And omg, girlfriend can SING. I was stunned. I love it when actors can actually for reals sing in their movies. (I think that’s because I was in choir for most of high school, even though I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.) I loved her character and the way she got sucked into the whole acapella thing even though she didn’t want to.

I also love Brittany Snow. She’s another one who’s just too cute for words (and I think she looks better as a ginger than a blond). It took me a while to figure it out, but I knew her from Harry’s Law (which I loved) with her red Chevy Malibu with the iPod dock and her love of expensive shoes. She gives a brilliant performance in Pitch Perfect. Like seriously. Her whole shower thing slayed me. Also, nodes.

The other selling point, besides the whole acapella thing (have I mentioned that I’m a total nerd for stuff like that?) was Rebel Wilson. She has some of the most hysterical lines in the movie and I loved her in Bridesmaids (another movie I was meh about until I saw it and giggled like a moron over). Even if the rest of the movie sucked (which it doesn’t), it would be worth watching just for her performance.

So this weekend when A said “Let’s watch this,” I went “Okay,” cause really, how bad could it be?

It wasn’t.

I can’t even do my usual good, bad, and ugly thing here. There was nothing bad or ugly about this movie for me. Nothing but good. It tickled my funny bone and had characters I could relate to. It was also sweet, without hurting my teeth and being overly sappy. And the singing! Omg. Don’t even get me started. I seriously want to get this movie on my phone so I can watch it every day. That is how much I adore this. It’s right up there with the eyecandy buffet that is The Avengers.

I’ll just let that sink in for a second.

A totally unexpected awesome came in the form of Hana Mae Lee, who played Lilly. She had the rest of the most hysterical lines in the movie and they were all delivered in the tiniest, almost inaudible voice you can imagine. Which was what made it even more hilarious for me. My stomach hurt when I first figured out what she was saying.

This is one of those awesome, feel good, coming of age sort of movies that just leaves you happy when you’re done watching it. I understand that not everyone has my particular tastes, but if you do, this is such a must see.

I’m not joking about getting it on my phone so I can watch it daily.


Men In Black III

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So, I loved MIB. It was so much fun and had some great moments of hilarity. It was fresh and witty. MIB II was… eh. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it really didn’t live up to the first movie, as is often the case with sequels.

I wanted to see MIB III just because. It’s sort of like pokemon. Gotta watch em all. But I didn’t have high expectations. I know how these things work.

Much to my personal joy, it was terrific! I giggled like a loon during several scenes, not the least of which was when J and a much younger K go to meet up with Andy Warhol, who just happens to be Agent W. Yeah, he doesn’t really love his job. Who can blame him?!

No spoilers here, since this is a recent release.

I’ll sum up with:

K has pissed off a big nasty, who decides to eliminate him in the past. He suddenly disappears and J is the only one who remembers him.

In an effort to save his partner, J has to go back in time and work with K as a younger man. Now, I will say straight up: Josh Brolin NAILS Tommy Lee Jones. Like seriously. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that it really was a younger TLJ. It was a fantastic performance.

The movie had good writing to compliment some really stellar performances. And for my sappy self, the overall feel good ending was well worth seeing.

This is definitely going into my movie library for keeps.