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Dredd 3D

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So I love the Stallone version of Judge Dredd. It’s campy and fun and full of one line groaners. I watch it any time I flip past it on TV, just because it’s a good time.

That having been said…

This movie was tons better. It was dark and gritty and really conveyed the dangers of the world that Dredd lives in. Why there is a need for judges in the first place.

I loved the story and the character growth in Olivia Thirlby’s character.

A didn’t love the fact that I had to look up on IMDB who was playing Ma-Ma, because I swore up and down that it was Cersei Lannister, but he wasn’t so sure, but I so totally was. I was right btw. I shoved my phone in his face to show him. Yeah, he didn’t really appreciate that. It’s probably a good thing the theatre was not full at all. It’s one of the benefits of living in a very small town.

And then of course, there was Karl Urban. He’s been nothing but awesome in my book since he played Eomer, who was one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings. But then he played Dr. McCoy. And that was even better, cause oh-em-gee he was fantastic.

He was a great Dredd too. Not that I know what Dredd was like in the comics, cause I never read them. I just know that I really liked his performance and felt like he just made the movie. Tough as nails, is the phrase that comes to mind. Seriously, Dredd was a badass. And Anderson wasn’t really shabby once she got her groove on, either.

I also really enjoyed the special effects. The water drops dancing and sparkling when she (Ma-Ma) was on the drug was just beautiful. Except for that whole being on drugs thing. That’s a big no-no. Don’t do it, kids. But the visual effect was just amazing.

It was totally worth the price of admission and had the added benefit of getting my theatre popcorn fix. My apologies to the poor counter lady who had to butterize my popcorn, btw. The old-fashioned pumpy thing must be a pain in the hinie, especially when someone like me comes along and wants every single kernel of corn as saturated with yummy artery clogging goodness as possible. Just know, you did it perfectly.

Btw, spellcheck thinks that I spell poorly. Which is funny, because the word that I was worried about, was right. Just not all the ones that I refuse to change, cause darn it, they’re right.

Also, wordpress is once again doing that thing where it doesn’t want to let me add links. Or pictures. Or tags. Fortunately, I’m smarter than it is and can do these things anyway. But still. I don’t really understand why wordpress hates the movies that I like. I think it’s a conspiracy.