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Friday! Thank goodness!

It’s been a heck of a week, guys.

First with the falling and squishing my tender bits, and then with winning a writing contest (SQUEEE) it’s been busy.

First off I have to thank A for being my sounding board for my entry into Allie’s contest! He helped me tweak it and make it much more betterer.

Second of all. Holy poop, the 7th was our anniversary and I totally spaced. Mea culpa, darling.

So the rest of the week went a little like this…

Background: Last Friday a new driver crashed her car through the fence surrounding work’s property. It’s a wrought iron fence and she hit it pretty darn hard. Her gas tank exploded. Luckily, she walked away.

More background: When I started working here a little more than a year ago, I had a limited set of responsibilities and I was happy with that. A few months later, the girl filling in for the head admin and all that goodness got a new job and left me. So then I was doing her job, the jobs she was covering, and my job. I was basically four people or so. Then a few months ago, we FINALLY hired a new head admin. So I was down to about 2.l5 people while he took over the rest of it. Life was better again and less stressful. I wasn’t answering directly to the board of directors anymore and my stress levels returned to normal. At the beginning of October, the poor guy had a very serious medical problem. Largely due to stress.

So here I am. Back to being four people, answering to the president of the board of directors. And having migraines again. Joy.

Pres: I need you to do x, y, z, and this other long ass list of things that you already do anyway, but I have no clue, so I’m going to tell you to do it.

me: Okay, I’ll take care of it. I’m saying this because there’s no point in explaining to you that I’ve already done half of what you just listed because it’s MY JOB. Also, I need you to come into the office because I have papers that you need to sign.

Pres: Okay, I’ll be there Wednesday.

Wednesday comes and goes. I leave between 4 and 4:30 because I get to work between 7 and 7:30. She has been told this.

I’m driving home on Wednesday.

Pres: I’m here and you’re not.

me: I’m on my way home.

Pres: I realize that. I didn’t know you left early!

me: I told you that weeks ago.

Pres: well fine. I’ll see if I can come in tomorrow. In the meantime make sure you tell this other person who doesn’t handle any of your work everything you are doing cause I need to know it all.

me: Sure thing.

Head meeting steering wheel in 5… 4… 3…

At work the next day, getting reports of what happened when Pres was there and I wasn’t.

Staffer 1: She said that she will decide what the staff party is for Christmas and that we shouldn’t be trying to make suggestions.

me: Umm. Oh. Okay then.

Staffer 2: She told me to get rid of the part-time people and bring on only full time staff now.


Staffer 2: Yeah. So whichever ones can’t move to full time, I have to fire.

Enter migraine. Oh how I’ve missed you blinding pain and nausea. Really, it’s been too long. We should do this more often. Says me, only NEVER.

There just aren’t enough words for how big a mistake the whole concept of that order is. I was totally stunned. Still am. Also, my eyeballs are trying to jump out of my head.

On brighter notes not dealing with crazed bosses who are clearly off their meds…

  • Another non-profit wants to partner with us for Christmas stuff, so it looks like we’ll be able to make that special for a bunch of families and kids. Yay!
  • Fizzygrrl GOT AN AGENT!! (While this really should have it’s own post, I am in pain, so she’s getting bolded mention here.) I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. It’s all kinds of awesome. Everyone go say: Conga-rats!!
  • I’m a bit beind on my NaNo word count and I haven’t posted ANYTHING yet, my apologies. I will catch up this weekend and see if there’s a snippet or six that are good enough to postify for your reading pleasure!
  • It’s past time to start my Christmas present knitting/crocheting. EEP!
  • If all goes well this weekend, next week will bring us reviews of – American Horror Story: Asylum (which is pretty awesome), Dishonored (in which I “just watch” A play), and hopefully a book!!

Feel free to share any migraine inducing work stories to help cheer me up, lol!




I love yarn.  I’ve loved yarn for as long as I can remember. (There was going to be a cute little picture of yarn and stuff here, but for some reason WP doesn’t love this picture and refuses to let me post it right now. Maybe later.)

It’s just so versatile.  You can make so many varied and snazzy dohickies with it.

When I was younger, I learned how to knit and crochet.  I promptly forgot how, since the next time I picked up a set of knitting needles or a crochet hook with any serious intent wasn’t until my early 30’s.

As such, there’s been a lot of trial and error in my crafting endeavours.  (On a side note, having read a metric butt-ton of British literature in my formative years, I have a habit of spelling things in the prettier British format.  I try to remember not to do this, as I’ve been told it’s a tad pretentious as I am not British myself.  Bear with me, since I will inevitably slip.)

picture from hither and yarn

The advent of the internet and YouTube has made relearning these skills far easier and it’s been less of an exercise in frustration and more of an oh-I-just-learned-the-coolest-thing-ever journey for me.

I can successfully knit a rather nifty scarf.  Sure, it’s pretty basic, but it’s a start!  I can crochet the same.

After I finish the two scarves I’m currently needling, I want to start putting a little extra pizzaz into my crafting.  I’m going to make zigzags! Yes, I’m pretty easily pleased.

After the zigzags… Bags! I found the cutest pattern (eep! Pattern reading is not yet a skill I have.) for crocheted tote bags. How hard can it be?

The next big crafty project on my list?  Sewing.  Not like hemming the pants that keep coming loose, but actual honest-to-goodness sewing.  Clothes are expensive darnit!  If I can make my own, not only do I feel accomplished, I can also dress pretty.  What’s not to love?