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Reason #3256 that I sometimes don’t sleep at night…

First off, a little background information.

I love cats. Animals in general, but I prefer cats. So when this sweet, pitiful looking black kitty showed up on my bedroom porch one day wanting some noms, naturally, I started to feed her all the noms. She desperately wants to be an inside kitty (and who could blame her??) but I can’t take her in because I have too many pets as it is. But I continue to feed her and provide her a safe place to hang her tail. She also has this talent for breaking in to the house. Somehow, this tiny black kitty gets both paws around the sliding door and pulls that sucker open enough for her to squeeze in. Because of this (and because she’s black) I call her Felicia Hardy. Give yourself 10 points if you get the reference.

Since she’s a stray, she isn’t fixed, and this is on my list of things to do someday when I have a new job and munnies. And since she’s a stray, she’s sort of… free with her charms. Because I feed her and she feels safe on my porch, she had a litter of really adorable little kittens there.

So today’s story. At 3:30 this morning, my lovely, gorgeous, feline soul mate was having snuggle time. Cause why should I sleep when he needs snuggles? He’d finally fallen asleep on my chest and I was about to fall asleep, when he went all alert and focused on the door. This means that we have been invaded. Cat burgled, if you will. So I haul my sleepy and as yet unrested self out of bed and go over to shoo furballs out and close the door.

I do a kitten count and everyone (including Mom) is accounted for. Thinking my duty is done, I congratulate myself and start to get back into bed.

Evidently I missed a cat. Felicia’s clone from an earlier batch of kittens (the one I couldn’t find a home for and now hangs out with Mom on the porch) has, unbeknownst to me, also slipped into the house with the kittens. Only he didn’t haul his buns out when the rest of them did. No, instead, he waited until I got back into bed and threw himself at the sliding door with all his might.

I hear a THUMP and scrambling of claws against glass as he tried to phase through the door to the outside.

Since he is not Kitty Pryde, this didn’t really end well for him and he dashed under the bed to huddle and rock.

So I haul my sleepy and STILL unrested self out of bed again to open the door. Except, because I am still standing near the door, he won’t come out from under the bed. However, if I leave the door, all five kittens come tumbling through the door to explore. I have to allow this necessary evil in order to get angry cat outside.

So I pretend that I don’t exist and move out of the line of site and he practically teleports out the door, sort of like me when I see a spider. I have to say it was impressive.

Once again, I shoo the kittens out of the house and do ANOTHER head count.

Unfortunately, while I have managed to successfully turn back the Mongol horde, I am now awake and there’s no sleep happening.

Trapped kitty looked a little like this:









Only plastered to the door.

I feel bad for laughing, but damn it was funny.


Too much to do…

And as always, not enough time!

All the work stuff that needs to be done (donation letters, admin work, etc) is just piling up like mad. To the point where I look at it and go: Ugh, can’t I just go home and write instead?

I know that isn’t a good attitude to have about it all, it just gets overwhelming sometimes.

Then there was this past weekend. Oh lordy. We took a road trip to Chico to visit A’s daughter. Nine hours to drive up and nine right back down. It’s a good thing that I like driving. Although it wasn’t helpful that I had itty bitty bladder syndrome for the last part of it.

Did you know that freaking NO ONE has available potties at 2am? Yeah. Well, they don’t. And I don’t do that roadside tinkle thing.

The trip was really nice overall. The northern bit of the state is quite pleasant and rainy and cool. Unlike the barren wasteland of hot, scorching, death causing sunshine where we live. We so need to move. I keep trying to get A to move to Washington, but like my Phoenix powers, he is resisting.

We rented a cute little Ford Focus for the trip. That sucker has great gas mileage. And it’s also really nice to fill up at the gas pump and see $40 instead of $70.

Oh, yeah. You’re wondering why we rented a car.

Mine broke. It got the flu or something. And by flu, I mean the alternator up and died on me. While on the freeway. Where there was no shoulder.

A cop had to come along and push me off the freeway to a part that had a shoulder so I would be safe and out of the way. It was awfully nice of him. He also called the free tow service to come take my broken little car off the freeway entirely so I’d be out of the way of rush hour traffic.

It gets better! It was a freaking farce from that point on. I called my insurance company to arrange a tow home. Except that they only cover 15 miles. And I didn’t have money in my account until 4 hours later. Oh and I live a good 25ish miles from where I broke down.

So someone drove down to where I was to let me use the AAA membership we had purchased for the work van (which is also sketchy and barely made it alive). Yeah. That membership only covered 7 miles. SEVEN FREAKING MILES. Seriously? Are you kidding me? What the hell is the point of paying for that nonsense if it only covers seven miles?

Fortunately, the tow truck driver was a nice guy and took me to a mechanic within that seven miles (who then took me home) so that I’d be able to use the $120+ dollars it would have cost for the tow, to fix the car.

Which is a good thing, cause DAYUM, it cost a lot to fix the car. Almost as much as getting new tires. My car’s shoes cost more than mine do…

I can laugh about it, cause otherwise it’s depressing. But I’m ready for a break now, please and thank you. I won’t have time for all this nonsense in November!

So, how was YOUR weekend?