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This movie made me squee my pants from the very first preview. Time travel? Check. Bruce Willis? Check. Robin Probably Nightwing The New Batman Cobra Commander Cameron Best ever fight scene in Inception Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Check.

So yeah, this was a must see from the get go.

Borrwed from http://fizzygrrl.com/ GO THERE!

Borrwed from http://fizzygrrl.com/ GO THERE!

The premise was just awesome. Time travel and killing people is illegal. So of course the criminals use time travel to cover up killing people. Cause if you kill them before they’re even born, how can it possibly be a crime? Right? Also, no body.

“Clearly, your honor, I can’t have done anything wrong.”

I have to give them mad kudos. I really thought that was going to be the whole of the movie. But those sneaky little brats got looperme. And I loved it!

Nope. No spoilers. You need to run right out and watch this movie if you haven’t already.

I like it when I can’t see the ending coming. Not that I didn’t see the ending coming. I did. But I didn’t see the movie taking the sharp right turn from what I expected it to be about to get to the ending that I eventually saw coming once I realized that the movie was about something entirely different than what I thought it was to start. (You can breathe now. And yes, I said that all in one breath in my head as I was typing it. Thus, you should read it the same way.)

I love the moral question at the heart of the movie. I totally dig stuff like that. (One of the reasons that I like the Saw movies, too.) Sure, it’s an easy question to answer when you’re watching the movie. Right? But if you sit and really think about it, what would I do in that situation? Do I have that kind of moxie? Hmmm. Good question. I’d like to think I do.A thinks he would too. I’m more certain that A would than I would, cause I’m just selfish like that. Not really, but it’s much funnier that way.

Then there was the whole make-up thing. The people who did the make-up totally deserve an award for making Cobra Commander look like Bruce Willis. Cause seriously. WOW. Freaking wow. I was so impressed. So was A.

That the acting was amazing should really go without saying. So don’t make me say it, or I’ll throw popcorn at you.

Also, my buddy from Raising Hope popped in for a bit. I just love him. He’s hysterical. “Remember that one time that you shaved my junk?” Watch the show, you’ll giggle. I swear.

The too long; didn’t read version: WATCH THIS MOVIE! ZOMG!!1!one!11!!eleven! Seriously, it’s really good. I was all warm and fuzzy at the end.


My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century – Rachel Harris

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I started following the very lovely and totally awesometastic Rachel Harris on twitter a few months ago when I decided to really do this whole thing. Go follow her now. I’ll wait.

This is definitely a case of tweet inspired buying. I’d seen her talk about it and thought it sounded fun and interesting.

Add to that, she’s a truly LOVELY person and I couldn’t NOT throw my money at her.


So, on to the book!


15 and like 9/10’s year old Cat is off to Florence with her father and soon to be step-mom. Naturally she’s dealing with all the usual issues with having a new step-mother. Once she gets there, though, things take a turn for the Renaissance, where Cat learns a few life-lessons.

The good:

Oh so much good. I don’t even know where to start.

I love the premise. Time-travel is always fun. In this case, it’s a real eye-opener for the MC. Cat is cute as a button, and I can relate to a lot of her issues. STILL. After like 20 years.

Rachel nails her MC and makes her relatable, real, and capable of growth. That’s important. She isn’t stale at all.

Cat learns her lessons in several ways without being clubbed over the head. Some of them are funny, some sweet, some poignant, and some just flat out msssccreepy.

The ending was satisfying. BUT OH SO NOT! Meaning, Rachel was a meanie butt and set up the next novel perfectly and left me wondering when it was coming out so I could read it already. This is a good thing.

But other than the cliff hangeryness (yes, I made that up just now) the ending was exactly what I wanted it to be after reading the rest of the story.

Also, and this is nitpicky but important to me, I didn’t find typos or mixed up names or anything to jerk me out of the story. Thank you good editing! Don’t get me wrong. I know that mistakes happen, it’s inevitable and I don’t expect any novel to be perfect. But my threshold for mistakes is pretty low, simply because it distracts me. So MWAH for the fine toothed comb that kept me right there in Cat’s pocket the whole way through.

The bad:

There isn’t any. I seriously loved this read. It made me feel good at the end.

Niccolo was creepy as hell, so I guess he can be the bad.


OMG read it if this genre is even remotely anything you’re into. It was well worth passing up on a chai latte for a day to read this!