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Breaking Dawn – Part 2

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You had to know it was coming. If Twilight and all things related turns your tummy, please surf away now. I don’t want to have to clean tossed cookies off the blog. It’s messy and smells grody.

I am also commenting on the books, since I can’t really talk about the culmination of the movie franchise, without talking about the books that spawned it all. breakingdawn

I will preface my review with this: I rag on Twilight. Like a lot. Really a lot. It makes me giggle and I have a good time doing it. However, I enjoy the series because it entertains me. As I’ve said before, it’s like mental junkfood. Sure, most of the time I want something better. But, like my love of cheesy, fabubad sci-fi movies, I also dig angsty, emoance. It’s like sitting on the couch in my jammies and getting my Cheetos and Redi-Whip on.

Now! On to the movie.

Anyone who knows anything about Twilight knows that this is the last big show down. Bella is finally a vampire (something she’s wanted since she figured out that Edward sparkled like a disco ball) and has given birth to a half-human, half-vamp child. Having vampire children is bad, mmkay? (Not to mention how does one sire a child when cellularly frozen?) And is a grand reason for the vampire hit squad, also known as the Volturi, to come and get medieval on your ass.

That’s the movie in a nutshell.

The Good:

It’s Twilight. It’s like crack for my moody-feel-like-crap-and-need-angsty-teen-drama-to-feel-better-about-life days. Sue me, I find it amusing. There’s a TON of material in here for a grand mock fest. Dog, disco, and creepy kid jokes flew through my head (yes, some spilled out of my mouth too, I’m only human).

Kristen Stewart almost had an expression on her face. I was so proud. *wipes a little tear*

They finally gave Jasper and Edward halfway decent hair.

I got to make the contractually obligated no-shirt joke from Vampires Suck.

I got to fill in internal dialogue for the characters.

They beefed up the ending. I actually highly approve of the deviation from the text, because it made sense and was just fun.

Alice, Emmett, Jasper – My favorite characters from the series.

The Bad:

Not enough screen time for my favorite characters.

I’d say the acting was lackluster, but really, there’s only so much you can do. *shrug*

Creepy ass CGI half-vamp kid. Seriously, she creeped me out in the Pet Semetary way. Ugh.

I got the feeling that everyone was just really ready for it to be over and done with. Not that I can blame them 🙂

Inconsistency. If you’re gonna make a big to do about the fact that the vampires have to live in overcast, cloudy places and avoid the sunlight because they sparkle like Tinkerbell on speed, THEN THEY BLOODY WELL BETTER SPARKLE IN THE GORRAM SUN. Seriously.


Mockery aside, I was entertained. Not in the Avengers sense, obviously, but still entertained. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. I didn’t want my time back and I would cheerfully watch it again.

For more in depth analysis, read my thoughts on the books.

What did you think of the final installment of the Bella saga?



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I’ve watched two episodes of this show now, and I have to say, I’m a fan. *

For those of you unfamiliar with Revolution and who chose not to click my handy dandy link up above there that would have told you all about it, I’ll go ahead and nutshell for you.

The power went out. The end.

Okay, there’s really more to it than that. Somehow or other, all of the electricity in the world just poofed. Sort of like a paycheck the day after you get it.

People have to relearn to live without electricity. Which, of course, proves impossible for some and they become food for the others who lived, only they made them into a drink or something green and… wait. Wrong movie. Rewind.

It turns out, though, that not all the power every where is gone. Which is the first of many “Oh SNAP” moments that I’ve had in the two episodes that I’ve seen.

Billy Burke is in the show, you know, the dad from Twilight who learned all kinds of mad fighting skills dealing with horny werewolves and stalking vampires while trying to cope with his angst magnet teen daughter. (I can’t take credit for this thought. A started it. I just took it to the logical conclusion.)

He’s pretty much a badass, although A and I are still waiting for him to show up in a “Team Jacob” t-shirt, because we’ve determined that he was totally all about Jacob.

The writing is pretty good. There are twists and turns and some good humor thrown in so that you don’t get bogged down in the omgthistotallysuckshowthehellamisupposedtotweetwithnoelectricity?!?! of it all. I have to give it to the writers, if there were no power, I’d totally trade 80 million dollars for a roll or 50 of Charmin and have now begun to hoard it in a storage unit, should that day ever come.

Also, it was created by Eric Kripke, who is totally awesome all over the place in my book, because he is responsible for the yummy goodness that is Supernatural.

*Because I like this show, expect it to be canceled before it has run its full season and/or never see a second season. True story!

PS: Teenage girls. I know you’re angsty and have serious issues. If the power all goes out, you’ll have a lot more. I get it. Really. But just remember, if you’re ever in that situation and a woman that you resent for not being your mom offers to help you… Don’t be rude about it. Cause she’s going to turn out to be a serious badass and kill people with oxygen masks. Sort of like Kate Beckinsale, only not a vampire and blonde.